slowly we died

Slowly we died
Every evening we sat round and shared our dreams”a common dream”
A future of a better fortune ‘fame and riches’
We shared admiration for accomplished personality ‘high hopes’
We feed our cancerous cells and slowly we died

Fun was in the drained bottles littering the round tables
Sorrow was the unending poverty that seek our lot
Tears was the love we lost and never gonna get her back
We worn out our heart and slowly we died

Achievement was the little arguments we won by the road side
Pride was the latest electronic gadget we bought
Belief was the lies we saw on tv shows and musical lyrics
Slowly we lost our norms n slowly we died

Really no dream ever came true it died in bits and bits
Few survived the grasp of poverty and defied the odds
All the tv lies soon crumbled no flashy cars no success stories
Frustration and disappointment feed on our soul and slowly we died

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2 Responses to “slowly we died”

  1. Well this needs a round of applause i salute the young one who’s written this…. Simply beautiful in it’s way and I love the originality of wording, it’s something new 2 my ears…. Thumbs up


  2. maravi inusa Says:

    bravo,keep it up….


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