diary of the mad man series

Diary of a mad man
Dinner with the president was the topmost on his to do list,
it was one he would not miss for the world, another feather
Was to be added to his cap. But before this great event entry
to his diary were scores of accomplishments in life.
A first class degree from a federal university and a subsequent
Government sponsored scholarship to oxford for his masters
And ph d was the solid foundation he needed for his breakthrough
in life, he quickly rose through the ranks of the teaching profession
to become an associate prof. He authored many books before
he was 32 years , written in more than a hundred journal
and was an international recognized public speaker.
Life was a smooth journey with only a few bumps that didn’t
amount to mention, he married one of the finest from the bar
a beautiful lawyer together they had beautiful kids.
Every step was in the right path and the press rumored he was the
next minister of education in the new republic, so a dinner with the
President was another positive step and would glitter in the headline.
As the illusion cleared, bayo shot his red tired eyes across the room
it rested on the small clock ticking away his destiny it was 5;15 am
Sweat trickled down his fore head, he had been in this trance since
12 am. He gazed around what was his home lazily cracks on the wall
the old calendar that reminded him its been 8 months since the university
Strike, he had given up hope in that direction. Soon dawn would come
And the sun would claim the sky it rays filters into his dusty room.
On his bed side stool lay the big black diary a birthday gift from his sister
it was the only possession he treated with passion. In it he wrote another dream
that would never come true. With a knowing painful smile he laid still waiting
for the coming dawn.

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3 Responses to “diary of the mad man series”

  1. Many times i have found myself dreaming such big dreams, but i don’t think i bithered writing them down


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