blood in the street

Blood in the street
Come with me to the streets of maidguri the home of peace
The sandy arena where kids play around now a deserted place
Every arena of security shattered by them to pieces
Look look around there is blood in the streets

In every eye worry outwardly radiate such a sorry sight
Every breath held in suspense such a painful delight
Soon again boom boom it sounded such a fright
Zoom zoom we ran there is blood in the streets

The fought for the cause of a child’s tomorrow
From the blow of their mortar his father died
The creed the preach a contrast from afar the borrow
All they do evident in the blood in the street

Each word in each headline in each paper in blood
The television screen smeared in red all blood
The stench from the street corners all speak of blood
All the seek all the fight for all the live for is blood

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