village boy

I was a village boy
Before the deafing horn was a quiet walk to school
Before the stinking sewage corners was a path filled with grass filled dews
Before the clipper carved hair was a razor clean shaven head
Before the chlorine treated pools was mud filled streams
Yes I was a village boy

Long skirt wearing maidens fascinated me before the city mind corruption
Car was any car and rice was for sundays alone
Fruits was never bought but picked
Religion was a law n sin was forbidden
Hatred was rare n love was free
Yes I was a village boy

Parents were gods n children were lovely pets
Money was rare but food was abundant
Music was crude spoke only of love n greatness
Every lesson in school was magical n micheal jackson thriller thrilled me
Granny’s eyes was enough rebuke n her smile was enough praise
Yes I was a village boy

The rain brought nostalgia of roasted corn n pear,flowers blossomed
Farming was a joy n harvest was happiness
Grey hair was a crown of well lived life and age was all you need for respect
Now all these are gone and years has passed but I never forgot that I was a village boy

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