A cry for Africa

A cry for africa
When we left our elder’s foot to the dusty classroom for knowledge
When we stopped cooking till it boiled but rather eat out of packs
When we fled the comfort of our mud to the collapsing cement house
When we stop drinking from our natural springs but from sachets
Was when we died

The white man promise of a better world was a bitter lie
The paradise we seek would never come in vain we toil in the sun
Oh africa I weep for thee enemy of ourselves believer of lies
At our ignorance the world laugh and without shame we smile back

Religion came upon us from afar and chased our chaste way of life
Civilization was a word to lure us away from our belief
Division was all we got from the embrace of freedom the preached
War war around all her land in hunger we perished

Call me an african I would gladly show off ma black skin with pride
Yes my stupidity is my morality show of your nudeness I think its madness
I smell of sweat the sun has been good but you stink of shit
Let poverty sink me with pride but let riches drag u across the mud

Tonight I shall call on my chi with a tearful eyes
In the presence of my ancestors I will dance naked
Break the kolanuts and sprinkle the gin at their sacred altars
Let’s purify our land by washing our spirits for I weep deeply for AFRICA

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2 Responses to “A cry for Africa”

  1. Princesshuwa Says:

    They saw d beauty of our land,d riches dat lies deep within n wishd they had it 2 themselves.bt d lv we had,d pride we took 4 our land was byond measure,so we fought 2 no avail then we agreed 2 their terms.n that has kept u imprisond 4 yrs. We may b ignorant,selfish n stupid bt we r africans n our land is blessd with great beauty bynd measure,n we ought to tak pride in our land…. I lv this writeup,


  2. Peg Richards Says:

    Let’s try this again. Adam, I very much like this one. So much energy and emotion! It draws me in and teaches me. Thank you.


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