A sonnet(free spirit)

Kwashum my fairy what troubles thy mind so much, have you not learn a thing from the trees of the island peacefully swaying with the gently breeze after a raging storm, lover of my heart choke not thy spirit flow with the sway of life let not its worries burden thee. The rise of sun is certain so is the beauty of sunset, be nude with thy thoughts free her from sentiments and let thy imaginations soar high.
Kwashum have thy beautiful eyes thought thee nothing why mar her sparkling nature with the wrongs you choose to see, where lays thy believe in nature my love, have you reached the borders you set for love? What is this confusion thy emotions deal thee, stop hiding behind those veils i see thee clearly,the perfection you desire roams free in the wild so free thy spirit and roam from coast to coast.
Time races against thee kwashum the memories thou behold tomorrow the stories thou write now,flee the castle of sanity dance to the tune of thy heart dwell in the drunken spirit,cast off all thy shackles and sway to sound of freedom, drench thy silk robe charm all the men of thy court with the beauty just when their loins swell run run my lover
To sea front along the sandy paths set thy foot steps,into the waters swim with possessed energy madly and wildly to the shore beyond, at its bank shall your lover relieve thee, oh here to freedom you drink, heed to call of passion hold tightly to thy choice prince, share in his laughter, oh fragile heart fear not for his love is divine, kwashum when thou wake, its is the free spirit you seek……………………………..

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2 Responses to “A sonnet(free spirit)”

  1. juliet james Says:

    Hey Chalzz this is good. thumbs up dear


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