happy birthday to someone special

Stormy nights came by
Spring morning passed by
A single white rose stood by
With regal grace she blossomed

By the stream side I caught her vision
Along the shallow side her reflection
With no thoughts love embraced me
With no doubts I kissed venus

The dawn of a year has befallen us
Yet my gaze left her not a moment
The purity of her smile did the magic
The hold of her charm did no harm

In her warm cuddle I spent my thoughts
Yet not a day passed I had not a coin
They have given love a price tag
Yet what fortune could buy this moment

How can words describe the joy that fill me
Such is Alice fantacy I live not there
In the depth of my heart you live
My whole existence thrives around your care

Had insanity not befell the sane
Had death not end a man’s life
My ink would forever flow for thee
So will my love….. HBD love….

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