A soul searcher

Calmly watching the stream sail away my thoughts
Vanity fled me as I ran nake by her bank
The world know nothing of my freedom only my heart
Out alone in the wild entertained by mother nature

Soon I shall be among the mongers again
I fear their undrawn daggers and their crooked smile
At night poverty whisper to me while I sleep
I care not for the burning fever that greet me at dawn

Hunger made me smile for food yet I eat crumbles
In the mid-day sun I seek my lot yet fate mock me
I am a soul searcher seeking answers to every myth
Nature has called a grand meeting thieves and kings dine below

Rain rain cried the leaking roof under which I sleep
Poetry shall see me through the night illusion filled with words
From my archives of misery I shall torment the world with mystery
Gold is for the rich happiness is for the poor
I am neither happy nor rich…

Mother hold me close to thy warmth as I walk this cold life
Free my soul from the grip of vanity least I die a beast
Let my spirit suffer not the torture of poverty least I lose my mind
In nature I have found abundant I seek no more

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