tears of a poet(2)

Tears of a poet!

In a ton of worries I dwell all day
I know not left from right
Man has cursed himself with confusion
Our fate in disarray like our religion
Our shameless walk is aimless

I stare at their lips preaching divinity
The mystery beyond their minds
Yet we follow their course with zeal
Who is the master who is the slave
Heaven now have a price tag

I cry I cry at the worries of the poor
Yet I marvel at their calmness
Without shame the toil under the sun
Without shame they are taxed for labour
No morals we exist along each other

Once on the street he walked with pride
His pockets jingle of gold and silver
His long robes sweep the streets
His voice echoes above that of nobles
But death mocked him and he was gone

Plenty Evil unfold before my eyes
Yet I have not a power to change fate
What a burden I have been given
To watch and weep at our foolishness
In circle our crazy big world goes…

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