Black christmas


By midnight the anticipation has turned into celebration
The Legendary Santa picture was on every mind
Love warmed every heart joy was on the hind
Happiness brewed in every home across the federation

Dawn found laughter in every street corner
It reflected in the bright colors adorning them
Every inscription and image had the day’s emblem
New clothes was the day’s banner

Jingle bell chorus echoed in every church
Unknown was the evil fate that lay ahead
Family and friends planned for the moments ahead
Even granny’s old shoe bore not a scratch

First it was rumors dismissed as gossips
By midday fiction turned real before my eyes
Sweet aroma of curry turned the stink of blood
They pain I saw had me firmly in its grip

Meat lost its taste as I watched with horror
Boom!! A family vanished to the greater beyond
Boom!! A woman lost her marriage bond
Finally Lunatics have taken over our corridor

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