Cultural and religious diversity is the clog that hinder an efficient flow of our different beautiful ideas for a better tomorrow, our views is a distant cry from the reality on ground. How can we as a people move forward when we choose different routes to different destinations as a people having a common problem, agitation for an overall good of the common man, there is need to rise from our myopic views and see the big picture.
Individualistic assessment of every individual regardless of tribe and religion is of paramount importance if the reality of our dreams is to come true.
It becomes disheartening to notice that among they common men co-habiting within same location they harbor deep rooted hatred for one another based on religion or cultural difference, it is even more worrisome that these trends is passed down from the older generation to the younger generation.
With these barbaric nature embedded within how then can we as a people raise and overcome our difficulties, the battle is lost already without a war.
However it will be interesting to note that there is inner wish for peaceful co-existence in each individual and such is the much desired stepping stone to propel us as a nation to greater heights.
Understandable fear of the unknown is a serious issue affecting the trust that is much needed for the achievement of these values, yet i put it to lack of in depth understanding of the core values of each other religions and ethics over the years which have lead to betrayals, series of killings. A pointer is the civil war of the 1960s whose bitterness still has roots in every disorder affecting the nation.
Branding a whole sect of people volatile or terrorists amounts to misplaced judgment, in either case it does not solve any problem but only amounts to perceived witch hunting thus amounting to bitterness among different groups.
I will hence attribute violence to social illiteracy and squarely lay the blame at the feet of religious leaders, traditional rulers and the enlightened individuals among the largely illiterate population of the country, this was suppose to be the core of the concept of the misplaced re-branding, not the expensive TV adverts and rubber hand bands.
They greatness of Nigeria of tomorrow is a major responsibility of the learned youths of today which can be achieved by changing our perceptive and those of our illiterate friends towards one great country, I do believe with proper enlightenment, marginalization and ethnic bitterness would greatly reduce however I must warn that the price of that which we dream is great only with great mental strength can it be achieved.
Let every man Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa, Christian, Moslem… Stand and be counted as a Nigerian.

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