IGBO people and freedom!

When will our plight end? When will we really be free? Many have died, more will die yet nothing will change they dead shall go and they living continue to suffer same fate. Every government deliberately ignore the pains inflicted on the Igbo race, I wont so much blame them cause of the lack of quality leadership emerging from the Igbo population. Now we are on the run again like fugitives in a country we all claim. No rallying point for the Igbo Population,
Just fragments of voices of authority that amount to no serious argument for the betterment of this great tribe, the red capped leaders media condemnation is not only shambolic but plain sabotage of their race. The government is incapable of protecting her populace so then the big question what is our fate in the protection of lives and properties? We are a people hunted like preys and killed like flies; the painful aspect is the nature and frequency with which these atrocities are committed. Today once more we flee the north and the term our affliction religious and political crisis? Funny lets check the statistics of the killings so far since the June 2006 bombing in maidguri, if my analysis which I won’t want to go into details is correct the 80% are Igbos! Those that are updated understands where am headed to. The current killing in adamawa state especially the mubi shooting further re-affirms these claims. As we flee again the big question I want every Igbo man and woman to start seeking answers to is that of freedom. Is the Igbo race really free?

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