happy friends

Happy friends
Smiles painted on their beautiful faces
Out the wood each came joyfilled
Better than what they world see
Piece by piece a beautiful story written
There are my happy friends

Meet the male a jolly follow
Filled with a sorrow filled old love story
He cares no more about love story
Personality big enough to cover our story
He is the root of my happy friends

Meet the beauty of the family
A complicated mystic smile filled member
We have an affinity none could explain
But yet we enjoyed our days to perfection
She is the glue of my happy friends

Here is the corner stone of our foundation
The secret joy that held us strongly bonded
The perfect beauty that guided our words
The whisper we whispered only with eyes
She is the fierce lover of my happy friends

He comes me our perfect embalm
The mystic balm that soothes every bruise watcher of every move within the family
The bearer of all pain and all pleasure
I am the stream that sail my happy friends

Extentions of the integral part of the unoin
The walls the secure the main building
eyes that sees only the veil of chambers
The perfect icing on the cake of happiness
Thick precious cover of my happy friends

Every play every word every move
Was an adventure that worth its time
Though we crave for different goals
The moments made our journey easy
We are they family of happy friends


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