mystic journey

Through the walk of life sometimes I look back to the paths I have travelled the many memories I have taken wif me, pains I have endured, people I would never see again dead loved ones whose ghost hover over me, I feel drawn into an illusion the attachment of the present to the past so strong it’s emotions stagger me. Pains befell me and fear tug at my heart,then comes the pictures that strenghten me loved ones who constantly fight for me, the identity of ones I bear, I feel above the grips of the world. I see their soft nature their kind eyes, their gently cuddle and their heart felt rebuke.the blood in my vein vibrates with their gesture I am theirs and they are mine. Then now sails my soul to my lover the shadow behind the strength, the glue that hold every connections. I see want of no other, a divine attachment between us, I wonder where this magic comes from, she is the finest maiden my eyes behold yet still sun sets and rises and my journey continues…


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