epic of an epic dream!

Epic of an epic dream

Existing some where in my imagination
An existence of a peaceful illustration
An orchard filled with scented flowers
At dawn dews rest on their petals

From top the short trees by the stream
Birds hum tunes of my heart
At night the moon pay me a visit
Fairies fly around in it soft rays

The approach of dawn is beautiful
The morning sun rise delightful
Antelopes walk fort from the lion’s den
The eaglets nested with the mamba

Out of no where she appeared
A bright smile drawn across her lips
Her eye reflected the sun rays
Her beauty perfected the big picture

She led me through the path I knew
Under our favorite tree we sat
In my ears were same words in my heart
My name was shandi so was hers

Her skin was real I felt it
My room walls caved in
My body exploded with passion
All I remember was the scent of her

From somewhere a cock crowed
Reality has taken over mortals
She was real only years back
Now in my dreams she live

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4 Responses to “epic of an epic dream!”

  1. Well done ots reaLly good


  2. Princesshuwa Says:

    Abegiii stop day dreamin.hahahaha,bt its swt i lv dis one


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