nude thoughts

Nude thoughts
I’m so poor I don’t own this money
I’m so alone these are not my friends
I’m so cold I feel no warmth
I’m so sad I feel no joy
I’m mute I speak no words
I’m crippled I write no poetry

Who am I?

A wandering soul in the wild
A free sprite by the sea shore
The peaceful palms sway with the breeze
The cheerful nature of the poor
The knowing smile of the old
The untold story of the oppressed
The screaming silence of the dead

Follow my thoughts

Enchant your own soul with words
Rhythm with the beat of ancient sounds
Possess your our minds with madness
Dine on raw meat and fresh blood
Wander free in the wild of your imagination
Live free life is just an illusion


Within is an ancient mystic madness
A body possessed by freedom
Devilish reincarnation of a poetic god
An epic of a century long story
The beginning of the new age glory
An ambassador of nature’s children…

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2 Responses to “nude thoughts”

  1. Amazing !
    Keep writing !


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