Dark days….


Echoes, darkness, screams and loud noise

Put on the demonic allured poise

Ear drum cracking

Heart beats clacking.


Evil has unleashed it rage on human race

A plague has been cast in thousands we perish

Another day of bloody existence we deeply cherish

Moments before death passing through a furnace


Great anarchy has risen to prominence

Perfected arson bestowed on the populace

From dark clouds agony befell the world

Silence followed as ghosts pass to the great beyond


Now put off the black garments

Roast your flesh, sear by the night sun

It is the dark days; thrill the torments

Jaws bones on the floor, too late to run!.


Hasten and listen to soulless songs

Forget the light, the clock clicks backward dark

Eat your rotten mind, and remember the mark

Dance to the entrance of evil’s throng.


Aroma of rotten flesh and fresh blood arouses

Dews of blown brain settling on roses

Sudden darkness has befallen the minds of men

Threading on hot thorns to Hell’s Gate


Yeah, receive on your fore-head

Open your heart with pleasure, the code!!

Hack it not, flee with it to the next episode

Like you never saw the dread.


Spilt blood on the rail tracks

Stained walls, soaked in deep black

Step upon skulls, float on mortals’ blood

Scold the light from your eyes in the cold


You hack it and you die

Said the voice “it is dark days!”

The sand you stood upon shall fly

Fright is a fight, stab and slay.


Thunder, red lighting and black hailstones

Fire like wild fire, hell fire

You shall live and die so frail

It is a sweet nightmare, indulge the fire


Walk bloody like the roaming cloud

Burn to ash, beat the satanic gongs

And the weak souls be strong

This time the ugly voice is loud.


The night shall come to past

Evil shall be lead to rest

A new dawn shall erupt

Scares would litter men’s thoughts


3 Responses to “DARK DAYS”

  1. the present state of Nigeria


  2. Princesshuwa Says:

    Nt scary bt quit realistic.ur pen has neva been a waste ‘smiles’


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