The purpose of existence(A myth)

What is life really, this question may never really have an answer,does it not bother your mind that living might never really have an end.
we die then comes immortality which is the most misunderstood concept,a thousand ways each generation have tried to explain immortality. If one was never born or created it Is far more better, the choices we make every now and then always a contradiction.
I have tried to see the end of all anxiety and worries yet nothing seem to move in such direction. Living is pain you wonder what inspire the concept of life. Love ones die along the journey just a little while we are gone with them to the forever silent mode, deep down that dark enclose you wonder what goes on in the mind of the dead,is it not the absolute end of every living entity,riches soon vanishes what value remain forever heroes emerge daily, so what is the stress why all the worries search deeper for the true purpose of your existence may be that the step seven billion people need to take, the wars the technologies,the schools only satisfy momentary demands what then happens when all these values is destroyed.
Man is taken unaware the shock hits so hard that man is thrown off balance. The linkage between every existing human is love that too is just a illusion we have built for our self and gladly enjoy its bright colors. Really look within and understand that selfish interest is the real bond that holds humans together where lack of it beholds hate. Such is the sad fate of the human making.
Every moment we spend on earth means not a thing to the future occupants only the changes we make imprints just a dot on what is to come in the world history. In conclusion the truth is that every word every action of this generation is just a for this set of generation to enjoy over the years time shall phase all away and new stories shall emerge. Now comes the big question what is the true purpose of existence.

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