movements in the night(just an illusion)

Movements in the night (just an illusion)

She was as dark as the night that brought her
Beautiful as an angel swift as a gazelle
Out of the dark a figure emerged
Africa marveled at the creature

Their was an upset among men
Curiosity aroused within every heart
Old men whispered the myth
There was great fear of the unknown

It was now twilight
A million faces showed a million expressions
A soul search for an idea to this perfection
Among they crowd stood me

In the ray of the first sunlight she emerged
A boom of the beauty goddess
Every vein within me was enraged
Her body shone in the sun it was spotless

I couldn’t deny the immediate attraction
To me she gave her full attention
Within erupted this great confusion
I greeted her in full submission

Without a thought I followed her gaze
Within a moment we were alone
Her hair smelt of ginger
Her lips tasted of honey

I couldn’t understand this romance
I didn’t want to understand this happenstance
The harmattan breeze caressed my face
“Wake up for prayers” my mother’s faint voice

___for Rhoda___

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2 Responses to “movements in the night(just an illusion)”

  1. you just gave me a ride into your head. Quite a nice picture you paint with words. Bravo brother


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