Night of Blood. An African rage

Okonkwo get me my cutlass
Beat the gong let the world gather
Run around fast and gather the best drummers
Tonight spirits shall turn mortals

Sango and amadioha has fled their homes
For even gods must bleed
Fate has crossed a man his morality crushed
Insanity has overcame sanity
Pain is all left to inflict on mankind

Twist the fowl neck sprinkle her blood on me
Tonight men shall feed on gods
Bring me mighty zeus I shall drink from his skull
The rage in me has been enraged war I have waged

The house of light shall turn dark and the house of darkness lay in ruin
Plead not your course for your cassava mould I must level
Hunger will chew you within till blood is all you spit
Doom I bring with my voo doo voom you shall all vanish

Call me dark angel I care not for am immaculate in my being
Men shall tremble before me the world shall tumble at my roar tonight
I shall cast spells
Children will grow horns and rip the mothers open
Infants shall grow fangs and bite off nipples
Blood blood shall flow
Happy are those who survive tonight
Night of myth619

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