Religion And the World

Religion a misunderstood ideology.
I so much adore the unity and co-existence that religion brought the world,imagine a world where man believes in lack of control of some super power,even animals would not survive such a hostile world. But that which united men is tearing her apart,agreed division into different ethnic groups,kingdoms,languages,religion have brought about a very huge development in all areas of life,due to the fact that their was a collective force that brought about a single strong force in each course man has pursed. But then each man remains his own single unit with a belief in something and should be judged as such,the world of the present has brought about a great interaction between different individual,and their is a huge difference in the way different individuals believe in a course, so for I strongly disagree the collective judgement of individuals with a similar belief or becomes such an eyesore and barbaric for individuals to purse that which themselves can’t comprehend. There should be collective individualistic belief in situation,no one man can decide the belief of a million men we should stand to differ,the segregation of individuals for a favor in the name of religion potrays man as a savage,it then clearly show the animalistic nature embedded. Time has come for categorization to be based on individuals level of performance or religion can only guide individuals through life not the hate of a single man poisoning the heart of thousands.

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