Dim ojukwu

The god of the yellow sun(for Dim Ojukwu)
The lion eyed god has lost a battle
He had fought a thousand before
With the monsters of the north
For freedom he lived his life

Blood flowed beyond shores
He could have turned a blind eye
He could have grown a pot belly
He refused he stood for equality

Darkness he chased with a yellow sun
In the east our sun rose to freedom
Hope was restored through our god
Our burden he bore our pain he endured

For years he fought demons
Victory was the only option
In marshes, dark forests, tricky waterfalls
He took war to protect our lands

Blazing was rays of our yellow sun
Treachery arouse to blunt its shine
He made a pact with his enemies
Under the shade we fought our way

Years have gone by
Youth energy has fled him
Dawn has come to bless him
In peace he slept when life light dimmed

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