Faint is the voice of reason
Living is a mad rush
So high I can’t recall the season
Where do I spend the night

Owls dominate my days
Nightingale humming away
Chasing my every passion
When shall I get a sleep

Outside is a huge world
Am scared of my own shadow
Afraid to look away from the window
Watching days turn to months

Who am I
I wonder when I drift away
Alcohol n mary leads me away
Far to the land of thoughts

Hoping to change the world
Really I would fail
I would try again when I do
Then probably I’d make a mark

If you see my lover tonight
Hush your mouth and look away
Admire her beauty and say no more
Tell not of my poor state

I see you my friends
Even when I’m looking away
The eye of a poet is in his heart
Kindness my banner of living
Freedom is a state of mind


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