Home sick “missing ma papa”

Waking up in the morning
Seeing your face
How lovely you look
How sweet you respond to my greeting

Deep affection beneath our stares
The understanding of silence we share
The everyday words we spoke
How much I miss them

The mighty shoulder I stood upon
The laps I laid my head upon
The beards I caressed
I miss the aura of you

Watching you boil with anger
At my youthful indulgences
The understanding I will grow up
Every moment was priceless

Far away from you
I long to eat lunch with you
I long to see you dance
I long to hear your sweet tales

Look at how Age beautify my dad
Look at his hair mixed with purity
His beard has grown so rich
His anger has faded away

Time am at your mercy
Run fast I could be with my dad
Run so slow I could enjoy every moment
How much I miss my papa

God am at my kneel
Bless my daddy with peace
Let everyday be bright for him
Let his hands sow and reap richly

I can’t write so much
I can’t wait any longer
I can’t miss him anymore
I just wanna be with my dad


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