You hurt me.

You hurt me

This is no poem
Am not shifting blames
Am just seeking a reason
Why would you hurt me

I love you very much
I still do love you
Yet you couldn’t see it
You choose to hurt me

I have wiped my tears
The night has passed
A new dawn comes
Your memories still hunt me

What lie were you told
Who enchanted you
Even your eyes is cold
I have died in them

Did you think a moment
About me and you
The future we never had
You hurt all our plans

We were best friends
Now sworn enemies
Across the street I watch you
Now nothing but a shadow

I don’t regret any bit
I would do it all over
But all I need is just a reason
Why you hurt me so much

Who could understand u
Better but me
Who will never get pissed
At you but me

Hurt is no reason
My faith lays in our future
A manifestation of a new you
Time after time I have overlooked

Today you caught me blind
I can’t find a new you
Only you reflects love
Only you reflects hurt

My pains is my pride
My pride makes me a man
You are gone and forever you are
Only questions remain”why”


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