A New Era

Who do I tell my plight
Shadows deny me light
My hope has been shattered
Never will I trust again

Sorrow filled me everyday
From news I heard from far
Bombs hidden in cars
People sent beyond everyday

It hurts me deep down my soul
That we harbour stupid sentiments
When life is just a short commitment
Their words and actions stinks foul

Even my friend betrayed me
What can’t a stranger do?
I am even scared of what I can do
The only man I trust is me

Life is just a passing phase
Why can’t mortals see that?
Soon we shall all cross that gate
To go dwell alone in peace

pleasures awaits a wicked soul
Eternity of passionate agony
This is what I find funny
All we gather here is vanity

If only we could all give love
Liberating souls from hate bondage
We could create a new age
An era of humanity filled with love


2 Responses to “Humanity!”

  1. “The only man I trust is me”…you are one step above me, i would say…a beautiful piece. It makes one wonder about the evil the world readily feeds man with


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