Everyday struggle

Everyday struggle

Under the sun i sought a living
Sweat drenched my armpit as i toil
Laying waste my energy on sun baked soil
Yet in a brighter tomorrow I keep believing

Daily thoughts of success was all I had
My friends counted only my losses and mocked
My time would come so I rested my gaze on the clock
Days have turned months now months years…

Deafening silence at mid-night stir my thoughts
The rights I render and the wrongs I receive
In my friends I no longer believe
I wonder if in my lover’s eye I still have a worth

I keep fighting with anguish they demons of the night
Madness the plight of a silent poet
With a little baby I sang a lovely duet
How pleasant the sound and her sight

I woke to begin life miserable circle over again
A whole world seeking revolution
Where went our morals of a decent religion
Must our portion be pain?

Its a new day
One to make a difference
One to make a reference
Just another day of struggle

Written by Charles Bernard


2 Responses to “Everyday struggle”

  1. Another poem about today’s pain and suffering, dejection, loss of innocence, and rejection. Unfortunately it’s true, in a world of corporate greed and political corruption.


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