I wish I could scream
Just to hear how loud I’d get
Walk the road naked
Not caring who see

Other times
I wish I’d became a priest
Just to move with much grace
Telling kids that heaven is real
Pondering on the ways of evil

The world moves so fast
It doesn’t stop to heed me
No one cares if am here
No one knows am furious

Some where I know
Someone feels same
Someone is dying to meet me
Someone would love me
Someone is dying to be me

Life won’t give us a chance
Luck won’t remember us
Fate won’t bring us close
Love won’t bind us

Today I would make a mistake
I would take my own life
Just to break your heart
Even if only for a moment

So if you care
Drop me a rose now
Let me feel the warmth of you
Let your eyes hold promises
Cause today am furious…..

  • Written by Charles Bernard

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