When we are apart
I can feel your presence
Even though in reality
I miss your presence
My thoughts bring you alive
I can hear you speak
I can see you smile
We even argue and fight
It is an endless dream
That nothing can break

Am filled with happiness
That your are part of my existence
I don’t understand a perfect world
But I have a complete world
You’re my moon and my stars
The goddess of my nights
I am yours to enchant
Posses my body and soul
Illuminate my dark nights
With colourful beautiful dreams

Sometimes this illusion break
Reality stares me in the eye
I am too scared to stare back
For I understand way of love
How everything can change
How the feast might just end
How I have to learn
How to unlove you
I feel so hollow at the thoughts
Deep within sinks my heart

But you’re my woman
I am your man
And when am with you
The world can wait
Time doesn’t count
This is our moment
Nothing can mare it
I can travel miles
Just to see your smile
Cause I love you


Written by Charles Bernard


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