Parting Word For My Friends

The freshness of dawn has worn off
The toll of midday labour is near end
Gently the sun dances away to horizon behind
The words of a new chapter is about to begin
I wonder what tomorrow holds
When the sun rises again we all be gone

I have grown to love all your smiles
I have grown so attached to your presence
I have grown to adore every one of you
I have found brothers sisters’ friends and lovers
I have found a world of beautiful people
When tomorrow comes I will have nothing

My lips shall carry all your names everywhere
Ben and chucks I will tell your jokes to new friends
Elisha will smile in my memory always
Bako a special space in my heart you occupy

Doc ciddo will always amaze my thoughts
Treasures I store for tomorrow

In my memory I keep each of you
Emeka, Jide, Kelvin, Hebron,David
Stars shinning on the cloud at night
Jerusha, minister, Simi, Debby, Glo
Beautiful dreams I shall dream of them
My heart shall be broken at dawn

When we all pause and wonder
For the moments we shared and lost
Diamonds will drop from our eyes
Musa, Ibro, Sam my friends my brothers
Our moments carved on the rock of time
Our day races our tomorrow is near

Should I cry at sunset?
How can I can I pass the night
Sadiq, Abbati, umar, Tsewema,yunus,
Nurudeen, Tasiu, Amos, Akula,Ibi
Your names will echo in my dreams
My eyes can’t hold my tears any more

My depth now feels so empty
For a thousand words I wish to say
For your all my most beloved colleagues
Hussy, Fati, Ummi, Rukky, Rash, Hauwa
My deep affections suffocates me
Thank you all for this beautiful moment in life

Written by Charles Bernard


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