Come lady let me take you on a cruise
To a peaceful island called fantasy world
Let’s walk the sandy shore on bare feet
Feel the peace of nature surround you
Sit with love lets watch the sun set
Surrounded by scented candles
Roses scattered all around your feet

I long to see your beautiful eyes reflect
With the beautiful image of the sun
Gently striking the water surface
Penetrating its depth yet reflecting
Soft harmless golden rays that
Choose to shine on your lovely hair
With you across my sunset is complete

Lean on my shoulder dear one
Let me tell you a wild joke
For I long to see you smile
It perfects your adorable face
So refreshing is your breath on my skin
The warmth of your skin on mine
So comforting is this aura of you
As the sun vanishes your face illuminates earth

Nature forces embrace your whole movement
In perfect harmony everything flow
The gently breeze caress your hair
As they in turn caress your face
You transform into this beautiful goddess
I can’t grasp the magic of this moment

Come closer complete this fantasy
Fill the waiting space between ma fingers
Part my waiting lips with yours
Melt your tongue in my mouth
Drive our minds through wild passions
Hold nothing back as we roam free
Let’s go wild and free

Written by Charles Bernard


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