My love my best friend

The star that dazzle my eyes

The arms that held me when i was lost

The lips that kissed me at mid night


Love lied when you spoke of desert

The ghost of feelings you buried hunt me

Halloween parties the play in my dreams

Tormenting my peaceful soul with images


A deep valley you struck down my heart

It has darkened my very existance

To the deepest part of the grave it chases me

I seek peace only with immortality


When this burden of living is heaved down

A smiling ghost i shall become in the world beyond

The wordly love that lied shall perish forever

The real love that was to be would be unburied


Scare not for the gently breeze arousing your skin

Let your heart be calm flare not your nerves

I bring not hate but love from the world beyond

I hope it flourish with passing time


Scary it sound but my love real it is

Talk to the wind and smile

Tell her your secrets for she brings me along

I cant do more than stare and love you


What is real and what is fake

The love you stirred or the hate you instilled

If your a con master your perfect in your art

For  this love illusion i will carry to my  grave



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