Can you hear me scream
I cry for mercy from thee
Have a little pity on me
Help me win my freedom

My tears are mine alone to indulge
The can see the fear in my eyes
As death drives life from me
Rather my soul they judge

Who knows a quiet place
Where I can go tonight
To prepare my self for the forth-night
Somewhere to find a little peace

Who knows that one friend
That cares enough to listen
Even though for a little while
To the laments of my soul

When shall this dark hour pass by
The sun seem not to exist anymore
The moon has been stained with blood
I wonder the evil tomorrow hold

Among wolves we dwell
With anger the feed on us
Yet we must graze for food
Or perish from hunger

When the hour comes for me
And I must pay the price
Let the world know I was free
Indeed free from injustice.

Written by Charles Bernard


2 Responses to “Trapped”

  1. Writing With Love Says:

    I’m loving your poetry xo


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