Touched by an angel

Touched by an angel

Greatly disturbed by earthly worries
Things I thought really mattered
I did truely believe they mattered
To God I forgot to give glory

Selfish being always wanting more
My soul I have sold to troubles
Blame me not for I am a mortal
I die everyday in this unknown fear

I wanted a change
A new life somewhere very far
I wondered if God heard me cry
I wondered if he saw within me

My existance seem a bad dream
Not seeing so much love around me
Blind to common gifts of nature
Just how beautiful was this dream

An angel opened my eyes
She had no wings
Nor wore white garment
Yet her soul pure as snow

A little being who lacked it all
He pleaded me to pause a little
To look inside rather than outside
She smiled with content

Didn’t say much but said it all
An understanding I will treasure
To be free from all worries
Is a mere state of mind
(I have seen angels existing in human forms, ordinary people living their life — Taylor Swift)


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