State of Mind

Tomorrow is far away
Yesterday is gone away
Today is under way
Thoughts is all I have
To travel between time
To see the past and the future

Everything at a pause
The world without beauty
I see no changes from the past
It is the world as I see it
Wish for things I might never see
Hoping for life I might never experience

I know we are world apart
The rich and the poor
The white and the black
I have went through time
But what is knowledge
Without the reality of your thought

It is hard to understand
The revolving mind of a poet
Don’t be confused when I question
Even the existence of a God
Yet I know of his presence
For I have seen miracles happen

The rising of the sun is certain
So is the approach of dawn
Who knows what the night hold
Darkness as uncertain as life
Is the only comfort to living
What else is there to life at the end???

Written by Charles Bernard


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