Pain ring around my happy eyes
My heart melting away like an ice
Love and hate at a cross road
The journey so far here I stand

The past is here with the present
The present now a memory of the past
Happiness embedded in sadness
My emotions tucked away in the faraway

These stories so ancient
When all things were magnificent
In the dark night I watch the sunset
In the wild I let my thoughts roam

I wish to draw the line of distinction
On the side of reality I stand
Reality just a real myth
The closer the more cryptic

Entangled is every truth I know
Twisted is my deep mind of reason
I question even the existence of truth
I understand not that man is dead

Soon all these things shall perish
The world is not ours to keep
Every day is a new struggle
It is all vain pain to worry

Written by Charles Bernard


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