Two worlds “Black and White”

I knew the existence of one world
No cultural and religious difference
Man choose her path with preference
Nobody told me of the other world

I discovered it by meditation
Nobody told me it was true
Yet none denied its existence
Living in fear without questions

The rich lied to the poor
The white lied to the black
Fools gained and fools lost
Knowledge was the only weapon

Someone preached someone believed
Someone wrote the law
Someone broke the law
But it was all a big drama

The real culprits lived on
The wimps were killed
Cultures replaced cultures
Ideologies replaced ideologies

So now two worlds
The superior and the inferior
The master and the slave
Civilised and savages

Where do you live
That is entirely your mind state
I dare to question my belief
But really what do I believe in?

Written by Charles Bernard


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