crown poems


Cast me; O cast me into the wildest hell
Shackles; let me feel the wild wave of pain
For my life is deserted, married to vain
And ever since; seemingly nothing is well
The earth showed me its rotten side
When your rosy face vanished and stride

I had been beaten by the rain of my solitude
For such measured heart break, beyond highest altitude
O cast me into wildest hell
That my flowing black blood might swell
Then I shall rue you’ve gone
Far! Far away as your face prone

Cast me, O plunge me into deepest hell
That my ash could bring down the sky
My plea; lend thy ears to my cry
Wishing you never trodden far away
And my shatter heart bleeding to pay

You had truly cast me into hell
You took the sun with you
You took my light with you

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