A conversion with myself

Who are you Charles Bernard?

Look around and imagine yourself

What do  that kid across the street think of you

See from his eyes the picture you paint

Who is your friend really?

Whom can share your burden

Whom can understand your pains

That someone that share your thoughts


The world is cruel my son

Trust not a word from a man

Not even those that come from my lips

For men carry smile on their lips

With long daggers hidden beneath their ropes

Show love without caution

Expect nothing in return

Show great mercy in your deeds

Yet like a fox be smart

That was my father’s voice


I began to wonder

What these words mean?

Why men kill one another?

Why men lie even in the face of truth?

Why men claim to love with a heart filled with hate?


Then I prayed in silence

Manifest my enemy and show thy face

But hidden are they that want me dead

Surely everyman is now a friend

Surely everyman is now an enemy


With death what then is life

With past what then is present

Memories is but a fools paradise

Sometimes everything thus seem foolish

Every being soon to perish

His memories swept away with time

What greater evil then can time do to man

In my mind these thoughts revolve..



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