My birthday is tomorrow so i have decided to upload some of my early poetry work way back…

A Quiet Moment

The moving sea appears motionless and

the air ceases to exist

A poem awakens in my mind and

favorite blue song on my lips

Time matters not any more as

the world before me stretches far beyond

Puzzled thoughts twists free as

my mind transcends to great beyond

Life moving slowly light like

sun rays depart the sea surface

Neither sadness nor happiness is felt but

an inner peace witnessed

A quiet tap on the shoulder and

all my illusions shattered

Just once more the word moves on…


Though it is gone I still hold unto it

Away with you gone I still keep the pictures

In my thoughts and in my bed

It was good to me cause you smiled in them

It was good to me cause I had happiness

I had you and you had me

It is this world you left me behind in…

Poor Love

Much happiness and laughter no foundation

Coated with much lies and betrayal

Glitters like a fake diamond

Shatters like a glass plate when it hit rocks

The innocent partner languishes

The other shine in the light

People start to ask questions

The answer is poor love

The First Day

As we walked down the street i felt a new beginning

In your eyes i saw both weakness and strength

The world stood still when you held me in your gaze

The sun set in your eyes and the moon inflamed it

Your arms was warm and comforting

Even when you dazzled away i still saw you

Your name was on my lips when i awoke the next day


One Response to “My birthday is tomorrow so i have decided to upload some of my early poetry work way back…”

  1. princesshuwa Says:

    Romatic n breath taking i almst choked. Happy birthday in advance.wish i cud get 2 say it 2 u personaly or even cal u bt im glad iv got dis privilage 2 say a big many more years 2 u. God bless u dear


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