Sometime Ago ( back to the 60’s)

Back in 60’s it was about harmony

One country moving in same train

By 90’s everything down the drain

The struggle is now about money


We were the people with

groundnut pyramids

Large cocoa plantations

Trucks of Palm oil barrels

The finest skin and leather


Our forefathers dreamed greatness

Some laid their life so we could live

Struggled so hard so we could survive

We crushed it all with eagerness


Now we are here with a crushed spirit

Ready to start again from somewhere

Ready to forget all our nightmares

Waking up every morning with high hopes


Glorious gloss and reveling hue of 1960
Culminating choruses, clangs, chants and rising chimes
Memories enliven like tick tick sound of times,
Legends levitated and shouldered flag of fealty

Scent of the colonization long ago reigned this shire
Black and white images on walls grin more and more better
Feasible felicity; unbinds shackle and fetter
Green shrubs romancing bloom and rain too respire

Yesterday; past and gone, i now hear prangs and drone
Of enfeebled masses, doom had greenish-white high
Mask men lead right, revolvers held on their throne!
Enriched poverty pervading Nigerians cry

Withered blossom; 1960 cloaked in obverse
Willowy skeleton of a street boy crucified
Blasting fire balls, justice unfairly justified
“With love, strength and faith” vainly stands my dire verse

In collaboration with Shady Crown


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