Gone to the greater beyond ( for Mrs. Agnes Ajara )

my teacher and my head mistress

who taught me the ethics and norms

never to wear a dirty uniform

to report any under performing master or mistress


you were our mother from 7:30 pm – 2 pm

you trained us with great love

towards you we had great respect and love

in you we found the perfect emblem


so how can you just die

even before your boys became men

and your girls became women

i still use to think news of your death was a lie


that someday across the street I would see you

wearing your regular smile

i would wave back and smile

then run to meet you


we would talk about how life had passed by

life had not passed so much since you left

and I already miss so much we can’t have

may you find peace in the world beyond


( Mrs. Ajara died recently )


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