Bomb Blast And Sporadic Shooting In Mubi

At about 10:20 am this morning there was a heavy bomb blast in the heart of mubi town which was accompanied by heavy shooting to disperse the crowd from the scene of attack, according to an eye witness the bomb was planted along ahamdu bello way near a mini market popularly known as kasuwan kutro and exploded immediately the patrol car of army men approached the spot injuring two army men as the car somersaulted.

The heavy explosion was accompanied heavy shooting into the air by army men as the blocked the whole axis leading in and out of the road. People ran helter skater fearing for their lives, commercial and social activities immediately came to halt as traders quickly packed their wares some ran leaving their shops and wares at the mercy of looters.

Tear gas was further fired into the air as silence fell upon the commercial city according to an eye witness who was lucky to escape from the scene moments after the attack one suspect was caught, his was blind folded and thrown into their truck.

This is coming barely three weeks after about forty students were brutally killed by unknown gun men.


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