A Chance to fight the lost war agian

My problem with people is that they forget soon the sacrifices made so that we can be where we are today, rather than reflect on past times and bring about positive change to both the political and social atmosphere of our society, greed and religious fanaticism to achieve dubious aims is what is been propagated.

The mannerism with the book Achabe wrote generated controversy and the argumentative points of most intellects go further to buttress the point that those who fought and perished in the war are fools.  Let us start by examining some common fact before we proceed to national matter, do we Nigerians value human lives? We do all kind of ceremonial jamboree when a man dies but do we in the long run justify what he had lived for? Let me explain what I mean by those questions and hence relate them to our discussion.

Millions died in the cause of the civil unrest and war of the 1970s were both Nigerians and Biafrans lost lots leaders and intellectuals, those lives were lost to foster unity in the country threatened to disintegration by sheer mutual hatred by the common man for his fellow common man. I say this because what other reason can justify the mass murder of that time and it is sad that 42 years after a war was waged and lives lost we are yet to truly grasp the concept of unity as a country and have kept on fighting the lost war in our minds everyday. If the north can’t accept the east nor the west accept the south, if Muslims can’t accept Christians then what did we fight for or against, a divided house is no house at all, the lives lost and the sacrifices made meant nothing to us.

Now back to our national scene what is the mind set of the common man in the street and what is his concept of politics? If the common country men do not share at least a common view towards the future of this country then how can there be any meaningful change in the attitude of our leaders hence the elite continue to short change the masses. Is it not worrisome enough the different revolutionary groups springing up and the tactics they employ to draw attention. How can bombing of churches, pipelines,innocent civilians justify any possible claims? How can they even gain the support of the people instead the deepen the antagonism already existing between tribes and religions.

We are moving towards another election year yet not one leader has emerged to be a rallying point for the country rather there has only been fractional popular leaders. It is common to hear on the street swearing by jobless youths that his or her preferred candidate must be governor or president or their won’t be peace when you ask such person the reason for such absolute believe in the candidacy of the individual no matter how he seeks to explain it to you there can only be one possible deduction, religious affiliation or some other sentimental affiliation not based on merit or past records even some of our elite are guilty of these stupid sentimental judgment.

Do we seek a true leader who can dispatch quality or do we seek some other personnel satisfaction? It not only laughable but a worrisome trend to any right thinking person who truly love Nigeria. This trend has eaten deeply into our hearts that it will take a divine touch to open our eyes to the reality that we are been short changed by these people we impose on our selves blindly.

We have lost previous wars against unity with 2015 lurking around it is time to fight again, every youth every elite every man that loves Nigeria should purge his self of sentiment and rise to logical reasoning to achieve a common national goal of unity to bring about meaningful development to the sectors of our economy which is on a fast decline that is the war we waged and lost. Today we have a chance to fight again and I hope we win this time.


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