Before The Revolution “A new social order”

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According to Wikipedia revolution means a forcible over throw of a government or social order for a new system, where else I can’t foresee the possible over throw of our government any time soon, a social disorder that will lead to a new social order is looming over the country like a thick cloud but for that change to come and bring about a betterment to our present status as a people we need to be prepared and fully armed with a plan.
Before we even proceed to strike on such a  plan we need to grasp the problem with our social order and fully understand  it’s root if not we will not only fail at an attempt at a revolution but will impose more suffering on the populace. Now let us examine the basic problem of Nigeria social scene, I beg to differ from those who heap the blames on the door step of the government and her officials even though they have their share of every problems facing us hence their has to be other sources of our troubles.
Let us start with the honorable men and women of the press who sit in their air conditioned offices and chum out information for the public to consume, they are suppose to be the mouth piece of the society and touch bearer to any possible social revolution rather lead the minds of th


e people towards the much drastic change the seem contented with the present social order, I know a lot of people will dispute this fact but let us take a moment to examine the press, apart from a few celebrated reports that will not even make headline in other social realms what concrete information had the press offered us in recent times, before the return of democracy I was an avid reader of newspaper from the reports it was hard to differentiate a piece of report from a police case file, there were facts and it was so ease to see with the way the stories was always organized.
What do we read these days, complete trash I must say with respect to few journalists I know to be honorable, newspaper these days is more of a hear say report in fact in my opinion they should be called gossips tabloids, one of the most fraudulent report of recent times is the massacre of Igbo business men in Mubi north-local government area of Adamawa state, has the recent happenings in the town justified the report that those men were killed by their follow men due to some internal quarrel, who did the investigation, what are his basis, am sure he didn’t even visit the place just made some calls and made up a story. Are they journalists are the only culprits in this regard? No I must say, me and you are also guilty in one way or

the order, so before this change can be effective there most a collective efforts and a united front bounded by truthfulness on the part of every individual regardless of religion, tribe and position.
We need to move above sentiments and past antagonistic feelings to achieve what every right thinking individual in this country wants, a new social order where the poor and the rich both have access to same level of social amenities. I believe it is very possible if we witness collective and genuine efforts on the part of every individual which must start with proper enlightenment of the populace, this responsibility falls mostly on the elite, who the common street man derives information and thinking pattern from. In conclusion I must stress the need for a united front devoid of selfish gains before during and after the revolution.


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