My Roomy “Bash”

Sometimes when am all by my self

I go on painting mental pictures

Of you and me co-existing

Sharing everything together


I often wonder how you put up with me

Tolerating my temper with a smile

Even when I have done the worst

I bother not you will be offended


Those little moments we had alone

Loads of them  scattered in my memory

The knowing smile we shared

When people instigated us to fight


Am sorry for the countless time I erred

I know how hurt you must feel

About my complex nature

I understand you the truth of how I feel


I too care deeply about your feelings

I respect your views on most things

I think deeply about your words

I keep them tucked away in my head


I must not tell you how much I miss you

How I miss learning from you

I even make my bed every morning now

I clear the table after eating now


You will be surprised how much

I have changed since we left school

How I keep you alive with my habits

I recently bought a green toothbrush


At night when I can’t find a pen to write

I unconsciously go in search of your bag

I even keep small bills under my pillow

It is hard to live without you roomy


I can’t recall a day I haven’t missed you

It hits me hard at 3 am or 4 am

When I had written  some garbage

And all I desired was a listening ear


I hate to look at our pictures too

How the bring tears to my eyes

In your shadow I lived all these years

You had carried me quietly along


Baba you messed up the tiles again

Baba turn the music down a bit

Baba this place is stuffy

You endured me with a smile


Words alone can’t express how I feel

Nor can you ever know how I feel

In my heart I keep you safe

In my head your memories tucked away forever

my roomy n me

my roomy n me


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