Diary of an Urbane man (1)

Diary of an Urbane man (1)

1st February 2010
My dear diary it’s the month of love and I really need someone to trust with my heart, my previous affair ended badly leaving a bad taste in my mouth. It has been six months since Julie left and life has only gotten better, I became much more aggressive at work and expended my business even more, my efforts paid off more than I expected as I racked in more money than I made an entire year before. It has been a blessing not being in a relationship but recently depression had start to set in, even frequenting night clubs has not helped a lot, my bar is filled with empty bottles of jack Daniels yet when ever I sober up I seek for some company. The endless customers at my boutique seeking my attention keeps me busy during the day, knowing almost every top female celebrity in the country has not got me hooked though I occasionally get laid by morning I understand it was just a one night stand and I hate my self the more. I have made up my mind to get hooked this month and I hope I live up to that expectation. Tonight is one of my closest business associate birthday party and I hope to began my search there. Thanks my dear diary.
2 February 2010
Hello my dear diary last night was fun and I must not hesitate in telling you I have met the woman I seek all this while, her name is Valarie she was the prettiest woman at last night’s party, her beauty light up the dark corner where she stood with her drink, I thought their was tears in her eyes the way it reflected the moon light, I have never wanted a woman more when I stood to admire her for a while, the black gown fitted perfectly into every curvy of her well shaped figure eight body, there was the finest diamond necklace to grace my eyes around her neck, her stud earrings looked as though they didn’t pierce her lobes, her prominent nose hung as though it was made by the finest sculptor. As I moved inches closer to introduce my self it was the shape of her face that seduced me completely, her dark hair well packed ended in a pony, Beckley I said in firm voice holding out my hands she took them revealing her long fingers with fine manicured nails. My heart was one with my body they wanted this woman, Valarie! It was almost a whisper, the champagne she held sparkled in the moon light, it was as though my glass contained a different drink before I could tell her another word it was time to sing happy birthday to the celebrant, she lead the way back to the party I followed, but soon I lost sight of her among the crowd singing 35 hearty cheers to the celebrant, I raised my glass and joined in the chorus, I spent the later part of the evening searching for her but she eluded my eyes. My dear diary all I have is a name and it is a perfect start to this love adventure. Stay put dear diary.
3 February 2010
My dear diary today was a sad day for me, not only did the thought of Valarie stuck in my head like some sweet headache since yesterday, nobody I knew at the party seem to remember her, they all thought I saw a ghost when I described her, I was made a laughing stock when I insisted they must have noticed her somehow, I just continued to drain the remainder of my drinks as I watched them switch to another topic while my mind went off to Valarie, every woman that sat around the bar had a bit of her, I even smelled her perfume as strippers were making rounds of lap dance, sometimes I thought I had her voice. I still have an option though the celebrant who was whizzed to an unknown location by his wife was going to be back tomorrow surely he must know her, within me I believe I will see her again. My dear diary good night while I continue with my drink.
4 February 2010
My dear diary I saw her again today, I saw Valarie again even though it was brief it was the best feeling in the world for me this moment, I decided to jog this morning to ease my mind as I ran round the track there was this lady in white sweat suit just a hundred meter away from me, I caught glimpses of her curvy hip as she jogged away, her pony tail dangling behind her. My mind was too far away to realize it was Val before me. Not until after I had enough and sat down to enjoy a bottle of water. I barely had a sip when my eyes caught her face, it was as though she didn’t remember me cause she didn’t reply my smile. Valarie! I screamed after her when she didn’t stop at my wave of hand. She stopped with surprise written all over her face, am sorry Val for scaring you, it’s fine but I don’t remember you, Beckley I affirmed, we met at Okoye’s birthday two night ago, with a smile she said I remember you sorry I had to leave almost immediately, I spent the remainder of the party looking for you, her phone rang just then, sorry I have to pick this, I watched her whisper into the mouth piece moments later she announced she had to leave. My dear diary I died a little within cause I wanted to spend the whole day with this damsel, but she did give me her phone number before she left, I watched her slide into her range rover jeep and drive away. I sat on the track for moments longer watching the sun rise from behind the horizon. Am so glad for this moment my dear diary thanks for your patience.
5 February 2010
My dear diary am nervous today, tomorrow morning I will pay Val a surprise visit at her office, I will ask her to lunch I hope she won’t turn me down, when I asked her on the phone she had told me it depends on how her afternoon turns out then I suggested I would visit some other time but I knew I was going to visit her tomorrow, I had visualized her sitting across a hundred times in my head, the half empty Jack Daniels in my hand as I write this is not helping my thoughts. I wonder why it felt different I had never been nervous about a date before, I cautioned my thought for like the tenth time as my mind kept echoing her little yet crystal clear voice, I feel an immediate urge to talk to her again but it was strongly against my rule to talk to a woman after I had said good night, the clock seem to move slowly, the seconds dragged across its surface after I had what I was a long sleep I found out I only slept for two hours not even the Lakers game going on TV didn’t stimulate my attention, I just sat on my sofa sipping my drink and painting beautiful images of Val. My dear diary tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. Good night.
6 February 2010
My dear diary maybe I should not tell you how today turned out but I must because you deserve to know what a great person Val was and how fascinating I found her. Val wasn’t only a doctor who took her work seriously she was a cardiologist who had the most tasking schedule for a young woman of 28 years. As I made my way through the disinfectant smelling corridors I wondered what her reaction would be. I sat outside her door, her name Dr. Valarie Efosa was written in gold on a blue plate, I waited for 3 hours between the thought of tucking a note under her door and leaving or waiting for another hour I saw her approach peeling off surgery gloves from her hands. Her face light up with a smile which was more comforting, the surprise of the previous day had disappeared, she unlocked her door and asked me in, I wasn’t expecting you Mr. Beckley, yeah I know I just wanted to surprise you I confessed, she shook her head lightly at my utterance, she dried her hand with a hand towel and made for the small fridge at the corner of the small but neatly arranged office, my eyes followed her movements she walked elegantly and swift. Placing a can of chilled coke she said with a smile, this is the only thing I keep in my office I had recently quit consumption of this beverage but I couldn’t refuse her. I came to take you out for lunch but it is already past lunch time so how about dinner, I would have to say no, not so fast I cautioned my self but I could not imagine been out of her sight just now. Am sorry for being too forward but I just hate sitting in a hospital it makes me feel sick, she made a face that made her looked angry and in another second it melted into a smile, I just don’t like the idea of eating dinner in some hotel, I love to eat in my house.
Alright then let’s go somewhere but here, and where would that be? You just have to trust me Val, I have to come in my own car she insisted. I couldn’t help watching her in my rear mirror as I navigated my way to the beach it was the only place I could think of, it was near 6 pm. I went to open her car door for her she seem a little frightened, I have never been here she confessed. I was glad she loved the place dear diary, as we stood watching the wave come and go, the sun going behind the cloud it soft yellow rays caressing the water surface, when I turned to look at Val she had transformed into a goddess, her eyes seem to be melting as the soft rays reflected in them she seem motionless as the gently breeze brushed against our skin, when she turned their was that enchanting smile drawn against her face, her lips were pink a slight contrast from her fair skin, I wanted to say your beautiful but her piercing gaze made the words struck in my mouth, I merely opened my mouth and closed them again. Thanks for this moment Mr. Beckley, I was hurt by her constantly referring to me as Mr. Beckley I was only 30, let’s stick to Beckley please I said with a smile. I can’t help but say this to you, you have the finest nose I have ever seen, and is that a compliment? No It is my way of telling you your the most beautiful woman alive. When she blushed her cheeks seem to redden, thanks for teasing me but that is a big fallacy. Val you stole my heart since the first day I saw you, am a cardiologist so am in heart business. There was a beauty in her sense of humor, when I held her hands she didn’t withdrew, when I kissed her she didn’t refuse but kissed me back just lightly, though it was brief I felt the sensation from my head to my toes, I love you Val she smiled, turned and made for her car. I stood still watching her hips as it swayed with the evening wind, I wondered what she was up to, I didn’t even realize she was leaving till I heard her engine come alive and I watched her drive away, I didn’t chase her I just watched her leave my dear diary I watched her leave again. I have rang her twice this night but she didn’t pick, am too confused to be alone tonight, am going out to the club till tomorrow early hours. Bye dear diary.
7 February 2010
My dear diary today was a beauty because I saw Valarie again even though it was brief it was worth every second of it. Last night at the club I met Mr. Okoye remember him the one who threw the party where I met Val, after several bottles of liquor, hours of dancing and chatting with several top celebrities I managed to pull him away from the crowd, we sat outside the club , over a bottle of jack Daniels. Buddy I like to know more about Valarie, Beckley it’s red zone man, why have you been stuck in the thought of that babe, she is hardly your type, I guess he had not realized that I loved her genuinely, he must have been thinking I wanted someone to flirt with, I explained my feelings sincere enough to him, it set in with the drink and soon I had a mini biography of her. My dear diary I must share some of these with you. Valarie Efosa is the only daughter of Chief William Efosa one of the top oil magnate in the country rumored to have an estimated fortune of 5 billion dollars, she has two brothers who both with their father run the family business, her family was based in Abuja, she choose to be in Lagos to be away from her family’s influence, Okoye’s family was their family friend that was why she attended his party, he heard she was engaged but he wasn’t so sure. It is a loser man you can’t swim in that water, before we parted I made sure to collect her house address and her place of worship even though I lied to Okoye I was already thinking of giving up I wanted her the more, I wanted to kiss that lips again. She was a catholic and it made it all easier to map out my plan, I was a catholic my self even though I seldom attend mass, with a severe head ache and a shaky hands I brushed my best suit, polished my shoes. I drank two tablet of aspirin and headed for St. Monica, my dear diary I felt like a wolf among plenty sheep, her black range rover was easy to spot luckily the space next to it was not taken that was were I parked, I had the temptation of sitting in my car till the mass was over, but decided against it, the two hour service was exciting that I promised myself that I would be back next week a promise I knew I would break, I stood by my car waiting for her, it took about fifteen minutes before I spotted her, she was speaking to an old woman who seem to be thanking her for something, she looked more beautiful today, her dark suited over a white collar shirt seem to make her glow, the kneel length skirt she wore showed her curvy hips, the light make up she wore made her look natural, when she saw me their was slight look of shock on her face as though she wasn’t expecting me, are you stalking me? I wanted to see you again and understand why you left the way you did. Am sorry we can’t discuss this here, a date then? Okay when! Tomorrow, Monday is always a hectic day am not free till 7 pm, 7 pm then I said, she hesitated for a while then said, you can come over my house. Have a nice Sunday. You too Val, it was fast my dear diary a date at her house. Can’t say more till it comes to past. Good night my dear diary.
8 February 2010
I quit smoking 10 years ago but as I drove home from work I had the strongest urge for a stick at least to help me think straight, I left my sales manger to close for the day, I ended up buying a pack and smoking 5 sticks I threw the rest away vowing once more never to touch cigarettes again. Suddenly I remember I might have to kiss Val again so I stopped by the mart to buy a mouth fresher, I ran into Julie my recent ex, it was dramatic dear diary at first I thought she didn’t see me as I was practically running to my car but she did see me and waved, I ignored her as I was about to open my car door she literally screamed out my name, Bam! I had to turn to face the beautiful devil, Beckley are you ignoring me? Julie I wasn’t and if you don’t mind I would be on my way, I called you several times you never returned my calls, at least we are not enemies. Yeah Julie we are not enemies but neither are we friends, now if you don’t mind. As I drove away I felt very bad but I cared less, an angel was waiting for me and nobody should come between us. It was 6:15 pm when I reached home, I quickly brushed, had the fastest shower and wore my clothes as fast as I could. On the way I kept imagining how the evening would turn out, by 7:05 pm I was at her gate, I rang the bell she appeared donning a white T-shirt over a blue tight fitting jeans, I couldn’t have imagined her more beautiful, she opened the gate and I drove in, the one storey building was quiet, no gate man, no house maid, no dog. You live alone I was forced to ask her as my feet sank into the Persian rug, life is simpler that way, dinner is ready I came home in time to toast some bread, I love to eat light at night. I could only nod and follow her to the little dining table that could only host four guests. There was toasted bread, jam, milk, orange juice and a flask which I guess contained coffee, you can have your pick, I poured a glass of orange juice and decided I have had enough. Sorry I don’t have the patience to cook during week days, I often have to study at night so I rest once am back from work. That’s okay Val, but that has not explained why you walked away from me, I wanted to take that back immediately I said it, she looked away from me and seem to fall into some distant thought almost immediately, what is it Val? Please talk to me, you won’t understand and I must beg you to forget about me, there was a finality in her voice that made me want to head for the door. But I just sat there and wanting her the more, at least I deserve to know why I can’t have the one woman I crave for, do I disgust you that much, not at all Beckley we can be friends I really appreciate your company a lot. Then why can’t you let me be more than just a company, because I can’t! And why is that? She fell silent at my question rather she stared at me for a moment and looked away the man in me could no longer rest the urge to taste her lips again. When I came close to her I could sense she wanted me, her breath back fast and tensed her body trembled when I held her in my arms, I parted her lips with mine I heard her moan as slide my hands her beneath her clothing, I unhooked her bra within a second, her breast firmed against my palms as I gently cupped them I could feel the nipples hardening, her phone rang just then, she jerked away immediately with trembling fingers she picked it from the glass table after 30 seconds she told me it was an emergency. Before I could recollect my self she was rushing towards her bedroom, moments later she was out, dressed in a different top, her hair neatly packed and smelling fresh. Thanks for coming Beckley but am sorry this can’t work out between us. Good night. Dear diary I can’t recollect how I made it home.
9 February 2010
My dear diary I am so lost in thoughts, the more I think about Val the more entangled the situation becomes, she had not returned nor picked my calls, I had the urge to visit her office but she sent me a message asking me not to as she won’t even let me in. Yet I have not lost hope Val is the woman I want and I must have her, I have not just figured out the way to her heart. Today was a pretty bad day, I didn’t even visit my office I trust my manager to take care of things, I just continued to dwell with my best friend jack Daniel.
10 February 2010
Dear diary you I feel very depressed since after Valarie shut herself against me, to ease my mind I went to the beach to ease my mind, I walked bare footed along the shores wetting my feet at the water edges, my thoughts was filled with her face, the pink lips, the smell of her hair, the smoothness of her body, the feel of her breasts, I was so obsessed with her that every woman looked like her, I imagined her over a hundred times in a hundred way, if only she knew how much I wanted her I said to myself. I made up my mind to see her again even if she would refuse talking to me I must see her again I said to myself.

11 February 2010
Dear diary today I saw her again, I felt excitement at my decision to see Val again, I didn’t care for the consequence, let her scream at me, call security or anything she wanted to do, but I must satisfy my want of seeing her again, at 1 pm I left my office, stopped by an eatery outlet, I bought some snacks with ice cream, when I opened her office door she wasn’t surprised to see me nor did she question my presence. Since you hinted at I been friends I thought we should start by sharing lunch together at least that’s what friends do. She smiled and opened the bag I placed on her table, how did you know I love ice cream? Just getting to know my friend. We had the snacks together just when her excitement was beginning to peak I asked to leave, she was disappointed, it’s just 2 pm, yeah I know but I have some issues to attend to in my office. Okay thanks for the lunch again Beckley, you most welcome Valarie. Dear diary I scored a point and I knew it.
12 February 2010
Dear diary my phone woke me today, when I saw Valarie’s name on the screen my heart pumped enough blood to send my head spinning, I hesitated a moment before picking, good morning Beckley, her voice was so assured, morning Val hope your alright, yeah am fine just wanted to let you know am returning the favor today, what favor Val? Am buying you lunch by 1 pm just be ready for me, thanks but I wasn’t doing you a favor I was.. Don’t sweat it I get this one cause that’s what friends do and the line went dead. She caught me off guard but I loved the uncertainty of the situation, I know better than to predict her. By 1 pm from my office upstairs I could see her ranger rover slide beside my car, she came out wearing a pink collar shirt over a silk trouser, she wore dark sun glasses and her hair tied in her trade mark pony tail, she looked delicate standing 1.83 meters from the ground, she carried nothing and my corrupt mind was already drifting to some romantic afternoon. Moments later she tapped my door and let her head in first I pretended to be busy with some receipts, hello! Hey Val I must confess you look very beautiful, thanks but you must leave work now it’s time for lunch, And where is the food? I asked jokingly, she stood at the door and gestured me to follow her and I did wondering where she was leading me to! She drove us to an Indian hotel, I fell in love with Indian dishes when I went for 3 months excursion in India during my study years, I ordered a dish the name seem fair, she laughed when I told her my reason for choosing that particular dish. We had the most interesting afternoon chatting while we ate, I discovered what Val needed was a friend not a lover she loved to share experience and knew quit a lot about politics and sports for a lady, when we finished she paid our bills. Thanks for today Val it was really great, that’s what friendship is all about Beckley but I must ask you a question, what do you intend to make out of a relationship with me? I’d like to know by morning. I was baffled by her question but I didn’t let it show. Thanks again Val, I’d call you tomorrow morning, okay till then stay safe. Dear diary I must confess that is the question I am yet to ask myself.

13 February 2010
Dear diary I wish I could waggle free from this very question for every answer has a responsibility attached for once I have not thought of marriage but at 28 years what would a woman seek from a relationship but commitment, how can I even suggest the idea of a sex relationship to her it was way out of the question, she left no middle ground, I could lie to her but for once I could not bring myself to accept that option, I was going to stand by my words this time unless she wanted otherwise, should I stick to friendship it was too risky as I might lose her completely someday, one thing made me decide on commitment my mother called me early in the morning, singing the regular song that she needed grand kids. You have a house, you have a car, what are you waiting for Beckley marry a wife who would bore us grand children. Before I could call her she sent me a message “meet me on the track” I wore my jogging kit and drove to the track, she was already making the rounds when I came, I joined her, she held my hand as we ran round the track, when fatigue set in we sat and watch others making the rounds, it was as though she didn’t want me to say a word the way she kept breaking our conversation, at last she faced me, tell me your thoughts towards me! Her face was stone serious, I want to spend this world by your side Val, but you hardly know me, I don’t care for a manual. Am engaged to someone Beckley even though I find it hard to resist your charm on me, tonight I would be on a plane bound for Abuja, my father has requested to see me. I will be back for you Beckley. But your already engaged? I want to spend my life with a friend not some stranger I have never met, I would be back. She kissed me on the cheeks and left. I sat there re collecting what just transpired. I have gotten use to her disappearing acts.
14 February 2010
St. Valentine day it was merriment on the streets of Lagos, by noon there was parties in all angles of the town, girls wore red tops wooing men with different skimpy dress codes, I had called Val just before she left for mass to wish her happy Valentine we spoke for about thirty minutes she promised to call me back later in the day, I had about a dozen invitation to different clubs and parties, I decided to just refill my bar and stay home, I had just came back from wine shop where I bought six bottles of jack Daniels, when my gate bell rang, Julie was standing in front of me when I open the gate, before I could ask her what she wanted she pushed me aside and walked right in, one thing you must know about Julie is that she has an aggressive nature which manifests in all her actions which lead to our eventually drifting apart, she wanted some excitements one night and banged my friend to get it when I refused to go the club with her, even though she confessed to me herself and told me how ashamed she was I couldn’t just take it. Once inside she grabbed a bottle from the table which was still on the center table and downed quarter of the bottle, before I could protest she was kissing me, Julie was as beautiful as she was sexy, at 5 11″ feet tall she had a slender body most girls would kill for, she knew my sexual weak point even though I tried to resist she wouldn’t just stop, before long she was reaching within my trousers, my manhood was already erect, you want me Beckley, you want me babe, she kept whispering into my ears, I couldn’t continue resisting any longer I reached for her slim waist and grabbed her closer, I reached beneath the kneel length gown she wore to my greatest surprise she wore no pants, she was so warm and wet, she motioned me to enter her telling me how badly she wanted me, I heard my phone ring somewhere in my head but I was too far from reality, I was in conjugal bliss as I entered Julie’s honey well, don’t worry Baby am on control pills pour it all in, hours later we were embraced in each other arms laying lazily on the floor.

15 February 2010
Dear diary yesterday didn’t end particularly well for me, I have failed Val, I cheated on her and worst she sensed my unfaithfulness, when I saw her missed calls I knew I had some explanation to do, I was telling her how I fell asleep and couldn’t pick my calls when Julie burst into the scene and demanded to know who I was talking to, gimme a minute Val I whispered into the receiver, what the hell is wrong with you Julie I screamed, just because we had sex doesn’t mean you can intrude into my personnel life, Beckley please don’t tell me you feel nothing for me, yes Julie I feel nothing for you and if you don’t mind you can leave now, there was tears in her eyes as she spoke, I gave you 5 years of my life Babe, I invested all my emotions, I just made a mistake, just a mistake Babe, you didn’t make a mistake you fucked my friend, am sorry babe I never meant for it to happen, but it did happen now if you don’t mind I’d like to be alone. When I heard the door close I knew I had some explanation to do. I called Val back, who was that she demanded, my ex, what is she doing in your house if she is your ex, just some random visit in the spirit of Valentine, I hope you guys made up in the spirit of valentine, it was a joke but I could sense she meant it. I miss you Val, yeah certainly with your Ex around and she hung up. This morning woke with a message from Julie “babe I know it’s been six months and not a day had passed without thought of you forgive my mistake if you can but if you can’t I can only wish you the best in life” Even though I have been mad at Julie part of me still loved her, we had a wonderful time together she was a virgin when I met her, though she cheated on me I had cheated on her before and she forgave me, Joe was a womanizer and most have had her drunk that night the way he boosted about I knew she didn’t consent to him having his way but my pride won’t even let me think about it. Julie was a screen idol who could have any man but she wanted me back and I knew it. My mind was on Val and that was it.
16 February 2010
Dear diary I have been depressed as Val refuse to pick my calls or reply my messages, finally this morning she called, good morning, common babe you have not been picking my calls, am sorry but I need to convince myself about your truthfulness towards me, when do I see you again love, soon as I convince my father I not marrying his friend’s son, I miss you Val, I miss you too Beckley, Take care of you love. You too love. I had barely settled down in my office when Julie came in, she locked the door as she usually did when ever she came to my office for a quickie while we were dating, she looked beautiful the short black gown she wore gripped her slender body, her massive breasts was packed in the most seductive manner, babe I was just passing by and I came to give you a morning kiss, not now Julie am busy, too busy for this? She was already sitting on my laps and staring into my eyes, Beckley I love you and can’t love another man this much, Julie am in love with someone else that’s fine boo but I came to kiss you and nobody can’t deny me that, she parted my lips with her thick luscious lips her warm tongue was soon buried in my mouth, she unhooked her bra and feed me her nipples, the feel of them in my mouth sent my hands all over her body, soon I was reaching for her laps making my way through, she pressed me backwards on my chair and mounted me. We made sweet love rocking gently back and fort. 30 minutes later she was whispering good bye. Don’t expect this to continue. I watched her leave without saying a word, much as I hate to admit the fact I spent the day thinking about Julie.
17 February 2010
Dear diary what am doing? My mind is split already, why had I allowed Julie to seduce me back into her arms yet I can’t deny I still love her despite been involved with Valarie, the more I try to forget about her the more I think about her, Valarie’s absence was not helping matters, the uncertainty surrounding her future was a worrisome fact, even though I was certain of her love but will her father’s influence not be stronger than her affection for me in the long run? if Julie found out the whole truth surrounding my affair with Valarie she will be gone for good, my head kept spinning with thoughts when one of my sales person announced that Joe just arrived with some of his friends and would soon come to see me upstairs, much as I hate Joe for what he did and would love to smack him for it but I had to keep my relationship with him for he brought me rich client who spent fortunes on clothing, I only distanced from his company as much as I can even though he apologized later giving some excuses about been drunk which I found lame, well I just need his connections that is were it ends. Some twenty minutes later Joe breezed into my office looking older than he use to be, the customary white sneakers had turned to black Paul smith designer shoe, the tight fitting jean was replaced by plain trousers, he wore a blazer suit over a collar shirt. He looked every inch a new man, Becks my man how you doing? Am great Joe, you look like you work in the bank, hahaha that’s the new disguise my dad wants me to appear in to please the angel am marrying, I had to laugh, Joe you going to get married that’s very unlike you, what happen to the player for life attitude? Becks not when am going to inherit over 100 million naira worth investment after the wedding, Dad wants to pay me off to be a man. I envy you man, thanks buddy I just want you to do the whole clothing stuff, I gave my fiancĂ©e your card I trust you on this man. Thanks buddy. I owe you one, common Becks you owe me nothing. I walked him and his entourage of two other silver spoon kids to the phantom limo the came in. It was a normal business deal I just struck and was already thinking of flying to Dubai to get my supplies when my phone rang! It was Valarie, How are you connected to prince Joseph Igwe?


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