Evil Days


Dates written in blood
Clothes shredded to rags
Names with random tags
All eyes upwards to the cloud

Come sit with me in the open
Let’s enjoy the smell of rotten flesh
Where the vegetation was once fresh
Vultures now feed in the open

I heard tales of today years ago
From a seer of the old age
He told me the evil of new age
The arrival of new form of human ego

What is the taste of fresh water?
I know not for its been so long ago
Even the sky had shed off it’s old ego
Black sun and red moon grace its quarter

Fill this skull with fresh blood
For it is yet another dark dawn
Let’s roast the flesh of the noisy clown
Said the voice of our earthly lord

At street corner the widow sat
Feeding on the remains of her family
Hoping soon these evil days shall pass by
Waiting to feed on her at another corner we sat!


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