The Moon’s Reflection

The Moon's Reflection

Am standing here alone in the open
imagining the unending circle of vanity
to understand the forces of nature
my soul is to dine with the unknown
the heat of hell I must feel
the curse of evil I must bear

It is yet another night
and the demons are at their best
seeking to carry my soul home
I could see the fury in their eyes
I could feel the warmth of their breath

Submerged in the sweet thoughts
of the existence of the supreme deity
then the many secrets of the old
swiftly unfold before my eyes
I can hear their thoughts
I can feel their presence

Time and space holds no significance
this shell of a body I will soon shade
never to return to this misery
gone to be part of another history
to the outer realm I have sight my sights
to its existence I lay my claim

On the surface of the black sky
shines a bright moon
illuminating many evils of the night
promising the beauty of a new day
deep in the sea it rays run
trapped in this beauty was my mind


2 Responses to “The Moon’s Reflection”

  1. Very well written !


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