Crimerate Increase In Nigeria, Causes and Effect.

 Crimerate Increase In Nigeria, Causes and Effect.

In recent years Nigeria has witnessed an increase in crime rate like never before in it’s 51 years of existence as a country, more worrying is the nature of these crimes which most are foreign to it’s past history. Among these trending criminal activities human kidnapping for a ransom and terrorism top the chart, it has became so rampant that major crimes of past years like armed robbery and human assassination has being swept to the background even though the government is yet to finding a lasting solution to all of these menace, it has concentrated it’s effort on terrorism and kidnapping whereas the reason is not far fetched because of the international tan on the image of the country.

Kidnapping has become so rampant that people no longer condemn it outright but they try to justify if the victim involved is suppose to be kidnapped or not. This evil came to lime light when the people of the Niger-Delta region took up arms to enforce the development of their region among other demands, this gave raise to militancy which resulted in blowing up of pipe lines and crude oil companies equipments eventually leading to kidnapping of workers of these companies, most were foreign personals. All of these was to draw attention to the plight of the region which was existing in abject poverty amid the many evil of oil drilling like polluted water and destroyed farm land. The government eventually dealt with the militancy issue and they surrendered their arms this was possible via the amnesty program engineered by the then president late Alh. Umaru Yar’dua and completed by the present President Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.

Peace returned but kidnapping stayed slowly expanding to other regions becoming more rampant in the eastern region of the country, politicians and influential people were targeted since it was believed the can pay the ransom the kidnappers demanded however money is not the only factor that leads to kidnapping political tussle has been known to also be a cause. Efforts by the government has yielded little fruit as even little kids of 16 and 17 engage in the evil art now and anybody can be a victim regardless of class, position and influence.

Terrorism is here to stay, these are not the exact words of our dear president after UN office was bombed by terrorists but that is the summary of his speech The September 11 bombing in united states brought a global awareness to the emerging evil, Few years ago only people that watched cable television and read newspaper understood the evil of this crime and the horror associated with it but today kids on the street use the words freely and even applaud the people associated as heroes. Emerging from the north east region of the country and hiding under the banner of religious social reform their has no been an official demand or the reason for the bombing and destruction of government and religious institutions. Recently individuals has been shot in their homes, recreation centers and places of worship under the guise of terrorism. The efforts of the government must be commended but it is yet to quell the activities of the terror sects and end the menace, worrying is it’s obvious but unconfirmed link with foreign dangerous sects and the sympathy it enjoys among some of the Muslims of the country who see them as championing the political cause of the region.


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  1. That is so sad. I wish that the world would not tolerate such evil.


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